Back – To – School Project

Wondering if I launched this project this year? If you are a loyal supporter of this project, you may be wondering why I haven’t contacted you yet for the pledge. I’m not so active to raise fund this year. I asked only two friends if they can donate some funds for the project and another close friend contacted that she would be sending some funds for the kids. The funds I collected is only enough to support one grade 11 student. The funds will be used to buy her uniforms and school supplies. If there will be any extra funds or if more funds will be coming in, I’ll assess who among the students will need help most.

Many of the students (and even their parents) who received school supplies from previous years back-to-school project asked me if I’ll be giving out school supplies this year. I told them that I didn’t raise the funds for the school supplies this year. I realized many children and  parents are expecting the school supplies.

So why did I not raise the fund like the last 5 years? Hmm… I didn’t get tired but I think I lost the guts of pleading (begging) from other people to benefit people they don’t actually know. Or can I say that the Lord did not put the desire in my heart to do it this year. I feel sorry for those kids who need the school supplies. I know their parents could not provide all their school needs especially those kids with several siblings who also go to school. Nevertheless, the Lord can surely provide for them. If not through the back-to-school project, then by other means.

If you feel that you want to give for the children, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Even your used but still in good condition school bags will be a great blessings to the kids.

Restoring Windows Graphical User Interface After Removing the .NET Framwork from Features

If you are like me who do not know that Removing .NET framework will also remove the Windows Graphical User Interface, then this article is for you. I hope it helps you and saves you from insanity.

Once a blank screen with command prompt appear, DO NOT EXIT THE COMMAND PROMPT.

Type DISM.exe /online /enable-feature /all /featurename:NetFx4 then hit the enter key

Type DISM.exe /online /enable-feature /all featurename:MicrosoftWindowsPowerShell then hit the enter key.

Type Powershell then hit the enter key. If unrecognized error displays, type sconfig instead. Type the number that corresponds to Restart Server. In my case it is “12”.

Wait until the server completes the restart. Once the server completes the restart, try to run the powershell again. This time it should work.

Type Install-WindowsFeature Server-Gui-Shell, Server-Gui-Mgmt-Infra

Wait until the installation completes.

Once completed, type Restart-Computer. Try to log on again, Windows Graphical interface should already be restored.


Removing .NET Framework 4.5/4.5.1 removes Windows 2012/2012R2 UI and other features


How to Turn the GUI Off and On in Windows Server 2012


Almost Ten Years…

I’ll be ten years with the company I’m currently working with come this December but sadly not as a regular employee but as a consultant (contractual). I was a regular employee for five years. But when we decided to relocate here in Bohol for church ministerial reasons in 2011, I was asked to resign and my contract was replaced with a contract for consultant. Almost five years has passed and I remained a contractual.

For the last five years, only the status changed and of course the benefits that go with the status. My compensation is based on the hours I rendered. I have no leave credits and 13th month pay. I pay my own SSS and Philhealth contributions. But I render forty hours a week. If there are weeks in which my hours of service go below 40, I am usually asked to explain and  needed more tasks.

I handle two projects. There was a time that I was involved in three projects. So I’m actually working like a full-time employee except that there is one thing I cannot do. I cannot report to the office regularly which I didn’t also practice when I was still in Manila. We are allowed to work from home.

It has been my prayer to be absorbed again as a regular employee especially now that the company is hiring more people for regular positions. I am hoping that the company will consider the years I’ve been working for them.

Unauthorized Payment Via Paypal

Last Friday, during a call with my client, I received a notification from Paypal that I sent a payment to certain Michael Theron amounting to $25. I tried my best to recall if I have purchased anything from the company stated on the notification. But I am not even familiar with the company’s name.

Unauthorized Paypal Payment


After my client’s call, I logon to my Paypal’s account and tried to file a transaction dispute. But I probably didn’t make it right so when I came back in the afternoon, I logon again to my Paypal account to check if there was any progress on the dispute I filed. But there was no transaction recorded under the Resolution Center Cases. So I filed again and made sure that the report would appear as an Open Case. Paypal promised to return the fund if the case is decided on my favor and I believed it should.

Until now the case has not yet been resolved. Upon checking the transaction dispute history log, Paypal had emailed the seller twice, once last September 25 and another email was sent last September 28. But I still wonder how this happened. Was my account hacked and the hacker sent the payment to this Michael  Theron? If not, is it a Paypal system’s glitch?

Have you experienced this concern? Did you get the refund from Paypal?




Choosing To Be Happy

I often hear that being happy is a choice. According to some it is just a matter of perspective. But sometimes it is hard to choose tobe happy

if we are carrying so many


and facing so many


but we don’t get the


we need. Sometimes we can’t help but to cry

as if crying can lessen our


Often times we forget that ourHelper

is just a


away.  So if we find it difficult to be happy because of our burdens, remember that

in-every-life-we-have-some-trouble-when-you-worry-you-make-it-double-dont-worry-be-happy--18e0fAnd most of all we can claim God’s promise in

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