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Product Reviews Are Important

When I went to a nearby drugstore last Friday to buy my daughter her milk, I noticed that there were several new products for anti-aging and wrinkle creams coming out in the market. Almost all beauty product companies have their own wrinkle cream. I was tempted to buy one in discounted price but I changed my mind because that is…

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Vacation Mode

Tomorrow is a non-working holiday and also on Friday (for Pasig employees) and so I am already on vacation mode :D. I am planning to take a leave on Thursday but I have no good  reason why I have to make my long-weekend ultra long :D. If I am as rich as Ms. Kris Aquino – Yap or Ms. Sharon…

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Causes Of Dark Circles Under Eyes

There is an adage that says “Eyes are the window to the soul” but what if instead of our eyes, the first thing that people noticed in our face is the dark circles under our eyes? Instead of them seeing our soul through our eyes, we give them an impression that we are deprived of sleep. But do you know…

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