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Sagbayan Peak

Sagbayan Peak is one of the tourist’s destinations here in Bohol. Hubby, Daughter and I had the chance to visit the place last Friday when we joined my daughter school’s educational tour.  It is supposed to be an education tour but because of lack of enough time to prepare, there was only one destination 😀 And despite the storm signal,…

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I’ve seen these flowers on one of our Good News place. The flowers are planted just right outside the fence of a house. And beauty of Marigold is really stunning.

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One Saturday Morning

We finished our morning Good News class early last Saturday and the weather is so fine that we decided to visit a nearby shore to check the sea water level. To our surprise, it was high tide! {its been low tide during day time for quite sometime now} I could see on my husband’s face the regret that he didn’t…

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Jyma On Her Pink Sunday Dress

This is my recent favorite photo of my daughter. This was taken one Sunday morning just before I picked up the children for our Sunday School.


Fish Feeding Time

Whenever we have time, hubby and I bring our daughter to the nearby pantalan (port) to feed the fish with our old breads. We don’t throw our old breads. Instead, I keep them inside the our refrigerator and bring some whenever we go to the port.  I enjoy watching the fishes while my daughter is feeding them.