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Not So Familiar Musical Instrument

  • Sumo

Do you play any musical instrument? You are blessed if you do, don’t you think so?  Not all people have the skill and talent to play musical instruments and I that includes me. My skills do not extend to music. I can’t sing well and I can’t play musical instrument too. The only thing I can do is too appreciate music.

I admire people who can play musical instruments well, much more people who can play not-so common instrument like banjo. The first time I saw banjo was when a missionary family rendered a special offering during their visit in our church in Quezon City. I thought that the instrument was just an improvise one. Later on I learned that it was not. And it was not really uncommon like I thought. There is available banjo at guitar center too. I think I was just so naive when it comes to musical instruments.

What is the most unfamiliar musical instrument you know? Do you play it?

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25 thoughts on “Not So Familiar Musical Instrument

  1. I’m not musically inclined as well. I can’t even carry a tune. I also won’t be able to identify musical instruments aside from the basic ones like guitars and pianos.

  2. I am a frustrated musician and from when I was a kid, I always dream of playing the saxophone and the guitar. I’ve managed to learn some guitar pieces, that is all the success I’ve had. 🙂

  3. When I was in elementary, I remember the teacher asking who wanted to learn the banjo. None of us was interested. We preferred the piano or violin or guitar but only the banjo was being offered.

  4. I do play banduria when I was in elementary. I was a part of my school’s rondalla club. Never imagined that there were a lot of stringed instruments like guitar, i was so fascinated to learn octavina before but to no avail i was not able to learn how to play it.

  5. My dad has a banjo but I have not started learning to play that yet. With nephews tinkering the strings, learning just isn’t possible hehehe. Sometimes, you’ll never know if you have the “talent” unless you try. Almost everything can be learned and through practice, you get better. As they say, you are what you repeatedly do. 🙂

  6. I want to learn to play at least piano since we just bought one for our son. I want him to learn to play piano and when he is ready for a piano class, I will enroll him.

    Mommy Maye2

  7. How sad, I am not blessed to play instruments and sing.
    I really admire those that can play even the simplest musical instrument.
    I really want to learn even just one.

  8. i can play some. when i was young, i played drum and lyre but then I forgot how to play it now. I am more into playing guitar. So-so. I want to perform at least once on stage. That’s a dream actually. ^o^

  9. I am just like yourself and I cannot sing or play a musical instrument. I would love to learn the guitar though or perhaps the drums, I think the noisier the better for me

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