Cancelled Trip

We were supposed to be already in Manila since yesterday to attend our sending church’s anniversary which starts today. But our trip didn’t pursue because of conflict schedule and insufficient budget. Since we booked the trip, there had been several unexpected expenses which drained our pockets. Husband’s schedule is also tight that he can’t leave Bohol at the moment. We take it as God’s way of not allowing us to go 😉

We booked our flight last October when CEB offered a Piso – Fare promo. The airfare was only 6K+ for the four us, my husband, two daughters and myself. Since it was a promo fare, we could not cancel it and put the payment we paid to travel fund. We can only re-book it. Rebooking the flight requires us to pay the difference between the original airfare and airfare of the rebooked flight plus Php 1500 rebooking fee. Unfortunately, the available airfares for future travels are too expensive and we have no extra fund for the rebooking expense. Our only choice is to let the 6k+ be forfeited.

Before purchasing a promo fare ticket, make sure that the schedule is sure and the budget allotted for the trip is secured. Otherwise, be prepared  to the possibility of forfeiting the tickets and wasting the money used to purchase the tickets.

Stock Investment

Recently, I started my journey to stock investment. What convinced me? The story of Bo’s maids convinced me to invest on stocks. Just like Bo’s maid, I don’t also earn that much. Aside from my low income, I also need to support my parents financially. But I have a monthly “paluwagan” in which my entire year contribution  is returned to me by the end of the year with minimal interest. Instead of joining the “paluwagan”, I will just invest on stocks the money I set aside monthly for it.  After contemplating and praying, I decided (with my husband’s approval) to open an account with COL Financial.

COL Financial is an online stockbrokerage firm same with BPITrade. But why I chose COL over BPI? Simply because I find the instructions for opening an account with COL easier and simpler than BPI :D. I just sent the filled-out form and the required documents via courier  to COL Financial‘s office and after a week, I got an email from them telling me that my application was approved. Included in the email is my account number and password.

Funding my COL account is not also a burdensome. I just enrolled my COL account to my Bills on my BPI Express online account and presto, I can fund my COL account anytime. The payment reflects on my COL dashboard in less than an hour. That fast!

I am totally a newbie in stock investment. The only knowledge I have is the Easy Investment Program (EIP) discussed by Mr. Bo on his “My Maid Invests in the Stock Markert” booklet.  But I took the risk :D. On July 1, I  bought my first shares from Ayala Land Inc (ALI). Right now, I minimal shares from 5 companies. One of them is Cebu Pacific Inc (CEB) which recently give out dividends. I received mine. It was very small because I only have 10 shares from CEB. But still, it is bigger than the interest I get from my savings account.

If you are interested with stock investment, there are so many free guides online. You can check this step-by-step tutorial  and DailyPik. So far, these sites are my guides.  If you have the resources, you can also subscribe to Mr. Bo’s  Truly Rich Club. You can also like the Facebook pages about stock investments to gain more knowledge about stocks.

I will be sharing my investment experiences as a newbie here so stay with me as I go through this journey. God Bless!

Breastfeeding Journey

My breastfeeding journey with my 3 year and 3 month old daughter has not yet totally reached the finish line. There were nights that she still requested to be breastfed but there were also nights that she could cope up without any. Our sessions do not last for so long. I could not the take the pain when her teeth rest on my nipple for so long. After each breastfeeding session, her teeth leaves a crown-like mark on my breast and it is indeed painful. My daughter usually withdraws fro sucking when I asks her to do so but request for the other breast.

Come July, I’ll be giving birth to another baby.  My husband and I had started orienting my daughter that when the baby comes, she has to give way to the new baby. Sometimes, she would agree but sometimes she would tell us that they share with the milk. One breast for the baby and the other one for her. Sometimes, she would request us to buy her a cow so she can breastfeed on the cow just like child on the video we’ve seen :D.

I feel blessed that I can still breastfeed my 2nd though I’m already expecting to my next child. I don’t feel any contractions whenever I breastfeed my daughter so I think it is still safe. I am prepared to do a breastfeeding tandem to my 2nd and 3rd child if my 2nd does not want to stop breastfeeding yet. Anyway, it will not be forever that she enjoy my milk.

Ang Pagal Kong Katawan

Masarap na sanang tapusin ang araw na ito sa pamamagitan ng pagtulog. Naeengganyo na akong ilatag ang pagod kong katawan sa naghihintay na higaan.Ang mga mata ko’y hindi na mapigil ang maya-mayang pagpikit at ang paghikab ko’y dumadalas na rin. Ngunit hindi pa maari.

Habang naririnig ko ang mahinang paghilik ng asawa ko, hinahabol ko ang mga trabahong dapat ay ginawa ko kaninang umaga. Pinipilit kong tapusin ang trabahong pwede ko pang matapos bago tuluyang bumigay ang pagal kong katawan.

Ilang minuto na lang matatapos na ang araw. Sa ayaw ko man at gusto, kailangan ko ng ipahinga ang aking katawan. Sapagkat bukas ay mas maraming kailangang gawin. Kailangang magpahinga para may lakas akong uubusin para harapin ang mga bagong gawain sa tulong at biyaya ng Diyos.


Transferring Hosting

I am in the process of transferring my blogs and my clients’ blogs to my friend’s hosting. Funds are getting low and it is no longer practical to maintain my hosting. Thanks to my friend who agree to share her hosting with me. In exchange, I’ll shoulder half of her hosting fee. That is not bad since some of my clients have already closed their blogs too. Only few are left operating.

I still have a month to transfer all the blogs. I have completed the transfer of some blogs and now I am left with few more. I have completed consolidating my blogs to one blog which is this site. I chose to retain this site because this is the only domain which has a rank.

May God help me that before the end of April, I’ll be able to transfer all the blogs. Transferring the hosting is not really hard to do, but there are sites which have so many files and it takes a whole day to backup and restore the files. I have already requested the owners of the blogs to clean up their sites and that is to remove the unused themes and plugins to lessen the number of files to be transferred. This will help make the moving of files faster.

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