Church Activities

D.V.B.S 2014

Our Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS) will be held next week, starting April 29 to May 2. Our DVBS is just four days.  This year’s theme is F.R.O.G (Fully Rely On God). I got the curriculum from DLTK Bible’s VBS guide. It’s free so the church don’t have to spend any money for the curriculum. What a blessing right? We had a…

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First Day @ McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop

This morning was Sciezka’s official first day as a Kiddie Crew at McDonald’s BQ Tagbilaran branch.  Based on her stories, she had fun but a little bit worried about the names of her batchmates. According to her, they need to memorize at least ten names of her batchmates. She mentioned some names but didn’t reach ten.  She got the house…

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McDonald’s Kiddie Crew WorkShop 2014

I stepped out this morning to attend the orientation for the McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop. Last February, I registered my daughter to participate in this summer activity. Initially, I chose the 2nd Batch PM (TTH, 2 – 4 PM) schedule but I have to move it to the 1st Batch AM (MW 8 – 10AM) schedule to resolve the conflict…

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I used to love to wear dresses even mini dresses but not the seductive type. That was before. When my body built was still small. I have given away all my dresses. Now, I could not find dresses that would fit my frame. Most dresses are just good for slim type built. And if ever I find a dress that…

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Turned Two

Disclosure: This is a very late post!!! This little gal who loves to make funny faces just turned two last February 27. We didn’t have the usual kids’ party celebration. DH and I agreed (seconded by her Ate Jyma) that instead of cooking and preparing for a kids’ party,  we would just go out and swim somewhere. Who wouldn’t embrace…

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