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I am hitting not only two birds but three with one stone. This is my entry for the Macro Flower Saturday, Today’s Flower and Mellow Yellow Monday. Isn’t that’s great, one post for three memes? I hope you find these Chrysanthemum Spray Yellow Button refreshing.

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Jumbo Crayons

Even before my daughter started going to school, she’s already using big crayons. Because I was advised by a pre-school teacher that big crayons were good to use in training kids to properly grasp writing objects like pens and crayons. So I bought her her own set. These were the colors she used for her coloring books. But since she…

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Weekly Meme

School Requirements

One of  Sciezka’s teachers, Teacher Leah, handed me a list of things that my daughter needs to submit.  Since one of her Ninang  gave her 1K as late birthday gift, we were able to partially complete the requirements. The remaining stuff we still need to buy are the toiletries which she will use inside the room. I stormed all her…

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Mellow Yellow Monday #2 – Candle Light

The photo was taken during the Earth Hour.  This was the actual candle we used during the one hour that we turned off the lights. Want more yellow to mellow your Monday? Hop to Mellow Yellow Monday by clicking the button below.