Do You Need An Internet Connection?

Hubby informed me that SmartBro does not cater services to the place where we will be staying in BOHOL. Hence I could no longer continue my using ¬†SmartBro once we transferred. But since I availed their¬†loyalty reward early this year, I couldn’t terminate the contract until April of 2012. Now, I need someone who can continue the service in my…

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Family Matters, Womanhood

Hubby Is Away

Hubby is in Panglao, Bohol. He supposed to leave last Friday but because of a silly mistake, his flight pursued last Saturday. He will be back on December 11. Hubby is in Panglao not on a vacation though but I’m sure his life there is more than a vacation. He is there in preparation of our relocation early next year.…

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Beliefs, Parenting

Change of Plan

Mine and hubby’s initial plan is for me and our daughter to attend the Sunday worship services in our local mission here in Gaya-gaya San Jose Bulcan while he is in Bohol. But when Saturday came, I was not at peace to the idea that I would worship the Lord in different church although the pastor and some members of…

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Housekeeping, Womanhood

Remained Unpacked

As I mentioned in my previous post, our stay here in Bulacan is just temporary. Lord willing, we will be off to a farther place early next year, to a place where God called us to minister in His vineyard. Although that will also be just temporary, our stay there will be longer. The details of that plan can be…

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Beliefs, Womanhood

Inevitable Changes

Our decision to live with my parents for a while comes with adjustments and changes. There are some which are favorable for me with but there are also few that I just need to embrace while we are yet living here in Bulacan. Anyway, our stay here will not be that long and these changes are just a preparation for…

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