Mellow Yellow Monday #1 – Eyeglasses Craft

The eyeglasses which my daughter is wearing in the photo is created by non-other than her Dad. I teased hubby that he has some talents on crafts making when I saw this  😉 The eyeglasses is made up of Fuzzy wires.

Daily Udates

Happy Birthday Song For My Daughter

While checking on the best adult acne treatment over the net, I am uploading the video taken during my daughter’s birthday last Saturday. The video was taken when we sang a Happy Birthday song to her and when she blew her candles. The guests were mostly the kids from our compound and some were our church mates. The photos will…

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Day To Day Stories, Motherhood

My Daughter’s 3rd Birthday

My daughter turned three last Saturday. I had to take a day off from work last Friday to attend to her requests. Supposedly, I would like to reserve for a Birthday Girl cake from Red Ribbon. Unfortunately, they don’t accept a day reservation for that cake. But in their site, the lead time indicated for that cake is only one…

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Beliefs, Sciezka

My Daughter’s First Memory Verses

I want to share with you my daughter’s first memory verses. Her very first one is Ephesians 6:1. Seconded by John 14.6. Now, we are on 2 Timothy 2:15. I am amazed how a child’s brain memorize so fast. And I took it as an advantage to teach my daughter simple memory verses. If she learns to memorize verse at…

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My Daughter’s Prayer

Have you heard your child praying? If yes, what is the most touching prayer your child utter? I was touched when I heard my daughter prayed for me one night. “Yord, thank you for mommy! In Jesus name, Amen!”, she uttered. Isn’t its a wonderful feeling to hear our own child thank God for us??? I was facing the computer…

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