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A Partner

  • Sumo

When my husband and I were preparing for our moved-out last month, he was the one who did the packing more because I was still busy beating critical deadlines. And I am happy that he did it well!

He started with the things which we would no longer use during the time of preparation. Then he placed related items in one box such as important documents like birth and marriage certificates, and in another box electronic peripherals like cell phone chargers, tv cables and camera cables. He also separated those items that we would no longer need to open while we stay here in Bulacan. The last thing he removed was my internet and tv antenna. He also labeled and numbered the boxes for tracking purposes.

Those boxes containing our belongings which we would not use while we stay here in Bulacan were still sealed and were stored in the vacant house of our neighbor. Only those boxes containing the things which we need on a daily basis were entered into my parents’ house. This way my parents’ house is not that cluttered with so many boxes.

I‘m thankful that hubby could be a helping hand when I’m stuck with my deadlines. He is a partner indeed!

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