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An Inch From Death

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As planned, my husband and I went to SM North Edsa to avail from SmartBro Freebie. I bade goodbye to my officemate but promised to be back online as soon as I return from SM.

We usually take tricycle going to SM North. From our place to the tricycle terminal in Bago Bantay is just 10-15 minute walk but we have to cross Congressional Ave. This is our usual way if we don’t take a cab. This option is faster than we take a bus and cheaper than we take a cab.

On the place where we usually cross, there is no traffic light, pedestrian lane nor overpass. We only wait for a good timing to cross. Some vehicle will stop to give way. Congressional Avenue is a two-bound road separated by an island with three lanes each way. We were able to cross the road boung to to Muñoz without any problem. We stayed a while on the island while waiting for the vehicles to stop or gone out on the opposite bound. When there was no more vehicle passing on the first lane (left most coming from Muñoz) of the road going to Mindanao avenue, we crossed that lane and waited between the second lane and first lane. We were only waiting for the last vehicle to pass by on the second lane when we saw a cab coming. The cab’s position was on the first lane (left most). We were not alarmed since the driver can use the lane behind us. But as the cab was coming, the direction was going to our position. Three or four meters away, the cab surpassed the vehicle on the second lane and almost hit the later.. When the cab was almost one or two meters away (i’m not good with estimation but it was really that closed), the cab driver abruptly shift to the left and passed behind us. When we thought that the driver of the cab would really bumped us, we made a step (just one step) forward. The vehicle on the second lane who saw our move also made an abrupt right shift. Blessing that there was no vehicle on the third lane, otherwise, that might result to car accident 🙁 Just imagine our position being sandwich by two cars. Now, I know the feeling of those who were almost bump by cars.

My husband was on the danger zone. He was carrying our daughter on his shoulder. His reaction? He was very furious on the driver of the cab. Well, who wouldn’t be? I never known my husband to be a violent man. There was no instance that he entered into any trouble. I don’t remember any circumstance that he hurt a person physically. But when he saw the cab stopped on the U turn slot, few meters away from us, he immediately brought us back to the island, put down our daughter and wanted to confront the driver. I held him firm because at the back of my mind, I knew that if I allowed him to go near the driver, whom we don’t know the status (might be drunk or worst, might be under the influence of drug), the result might be more drastic. So I waited until the driver made a U turn and passed by on the opposite bound. I only let go of my husband when the cab was beyond our reach.When the driver passed by on the other road, my husband shouted on him. I don’t know if the driver heard him but I saw the driver looked us puzzled. You know the innocent look! I was surprised to know that the driver is already old. The driver is probably older than my father who is almost sixty yet the way he drives is still disgusting. I thought the driver is a middle-aged man who drives as if he owns the world. I don’t know if he was just threatening us, but at his age? I can’t believe it! I should have memorized the taxi name and the plate number but didn’t thought that earlier.

I don’t justify my husband’s reaction. But probably the fear that he felt was twice of the fear that I felt. First, because he will be the first one to be bumped. Second, he was with my daughter. The fear resulted to anger because our daughter’s life was at stake. If the driver of the cab hit us, i’m pretty sure that we will be left lifeless. Yes, the three of us because of his speed. Probably if the same thing happened and our daughter is now with us, my husband will just surely let it pass.

Me? I almost fainted because my heart was beating so fast. People were looking at us. When we finally able to cross Congressional, I felt that my knees were melting. I realized my daughter’s innocency that time.  She was still laughing on us. She didn’t realized that she almost died. Maybe she thought that Daddy and I were just playing a while ago. I asked her to kiss me and she obliged. Her kiss calmed me.

I told my husband that we should be thankful to God because He protected us. I saw God’s power and maneuver on that situation. He gave us the presence of mind not to panic. He maneuvered the cars away from us. And He brought us home safe. The driver? I prayed that God deals with Him. That God touch his heart and make him realized his mistake. The Lord says, “Vengeance belongeth unto me”. My God will surely take care of him.

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