At 34th Week

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As my expected date is approaching, I feel heavier and heavier everyday. I have also started experiencing edema and worst I could not get a goodnight sleep every night as I feel some pain on my tummy from time to time. My second pregnancy is not as smooth as my first. But I am still thankful that I have no bed-rest moment. I may have more pains with my current pregnancy but I am still well-taken care of by my God.

I am now on my 34th week. The possibility of giving birth will start sometime in the second week of February at 37 weeks. My eldest was only 36 weeks when I delivered her. She was just near full-term. We are praying that my second child will at least wait until she’s on her 37th week.

I am planning to just give birth in the provincial hospital here in Bohol. This is the cheapest option. My OB is a consultant in the hospital hence I can give birth there even though I don’t have a record there. I am planning to give my OB and the hospital staff who will help with my delivery a small token of gratitude. Cake or cookies will do I think. I don’t know if there is Shari’s Berries available locally. But if there is, it will be great because they ensure that all cookie gifts are guaranteed fresh.

I can’t wait the day to deliver my second child. But ooopss! Hubby and I haven’t decided yet what will be the name of our second daughter.

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