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Biodegradable Packaging

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Husband and I had a quick visit to the downtown this morning to have our little girl’s cough checked by her doctor. After the check-up, we passed by the mall where there is a drugstore to buy the prescribed medicine. The drugstore is just in front of the grocery store. I noticed that there are newly delivered packaging supplies in one area of the grocery store. These packaging supplies are all plastics bags in different sizes. It immediately entered my mind how long would it take to consume those bundles of plastic bags.  And after they consume them, where will they be disposed by the end user. They are non-biodegradable.  Will they be added to the garbage disposed anywhere? I hope not. The improper disposal of these non-biodegradable plastic wastes is one reason why creeks overflow during rainy season which results to flood.  They clogged the water passages. Agree? I hope we have a law-maker who will make a law which will regulate if not totally prohibit the use of plastic bags in grocery stores and supermarkets. Better if there will be a law which will mandate that all packaging will be biodegradable.


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28 thoughts on “Biodegradable Packaging

  1. I totally agree. QC will be banning plastics by October daw ata. I really hope sa buong Philippines na. I’m sure my grandma wouldn’t agree because her business uses plastics primarily, but we better start now. Kaya sana nga. It’s for the best anyway.

  2. Jennie Epperson recently blogged recipes of ready to eat meals she donated during the relief efforts during the onslaught of torrential monsoon rains. She also showed some better packaging options that won’t add to the plastics problem.

  3. I really agree with all the comments here to segregate all trash… I am so amazed here in Norway..they really have to segregate everything kaya minsan nalilito ako san ko itatapon.. 🙂

  4. It is uplifting to know that more and more stores and companies are into this thing. This should have happened a long time ago to protect Mother Nature, though I’m glad more are aware of the benefits of using biodegradable materials 🙂

  5. I think the government should make a law mandating the plastic manufacturers to produce biodegradable packaging instead since they are the ones giving permits for these manufacturers to operate.

  6. There are already biodegredable plasticsc in the market but it seems that it will still take years to decompose which in turn will have severe effect in the environment too.
    (visit from BC Blogger)

  7. I remember one of our classmates way back college had thesis regarding biodegradable plastic. I think it’s possible problem is plastic industries produces money and producing biodegradable plastic will affect it. Same with disposable diapers. It will took hundred years to degrade if it will really degrade. That’s why I’m really promoting the use of cloth diaper instead 🙂

    1. I’m also contemplating to use of cloth diaper. Pero grabe noh, ang mamahal. Pero in the long run makakatipid pa rin lalo na kung matibay ung diaper. I am planning to buy a set from Lazada, mejo mura ung cloth diaper nila. Kung maganda, bili ulit ako. Gusto ko muna matiyak ung quality.

  8. Whenever I purchase small stuff, I would choose not to put it in plastic and just place it in my bag. I am also not comfortable with plastics. Useful-yes, but in the long run, not good for our environment. And I don’t put sandwiches in sandwich bags anymore. I wrap it with tissue! 🙂

  9. Let’s start it on ourselves 🙂 I think most company now are implementing this rule. BTW ^^. I would love you to visit my blog “ miss JHENZ “http://ow.ly/cUC9T Have a great week ahead!

  10. The implementation all depends on who runs the place. If others, like those in Antipolo, can strictly implement that, then how can it not be possible with other areas? I do hope all days of the week is eco-friendly day, don;t you think? And not just every wednesdays or fridays.

  11. Currently, our city, Antipolo, requires all businesses to avoid plastic bags and use paper bags/boxes instead. It’s a pretty bold move for the government and it’s interesting how everyone here complies.

  12. Waste management is very important these days so it’s better to go for biodegradable packaging.

  13. I agree with biodegradable packaging such as bayong. It is sturdy and practical. However, we should also account how long it will be degraded. Recycling is another option. The best part is discipline.

  14. Laws are one thing, implementing them strictly would be another. For now, we can all start by bringing our own reusable bags when we go shopping. Also we can patronize products that have more responsible packaging. And of course, reduce, reuse and recycle!

  15. That is a relevant thought after the devastating floods in Metro Manila. When I buy something, I always refuse plastic packaging if I can. Refusing plastic when going to the wet market is difficult.

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