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After more than a year of staying here in Panglao Bohol, it was only last Monday that I got the chance to visit the Bohol Bee Farm. It was already late afternoon when Hubby and I finally decided to go. Because it was already late, we could no longer avail of the tour which was only until 4:30 pm. But since the place was still open until 11 pm, we just decided to roam a little.

The place was nice (except for the road from Panglao Circumferential Road going to the place which was very rough and it was 800 meter travel). It was different from the other places I’ve visited here in Bohol. The place was surrounded by trees and plants. There were also plants in black plastic pots which I recognized as Romaine Lettuce. Since we didn’t have a tour guide, we were only able to see the area around the Kinabuhing Bohol.
 The rooms in Kinabuhing Bohol were named after the municipalities of Bohol just like the Ubay room.

 There were also Jacuzzis few steps away from the rooms

 and a mini playground for kids.

 A visit to Bohol Bee Farm is not complete without tasting their famous ice cream.

My daughter and I shared with an order of ice cream. An order can be a combination of two flavors. Daughter chose the Mango flavor while I chose the Malunggay (I didn’t realized we have no photo of the actual ice cream). Malunggay flavor has a little bitter taste but it was still delicious. I also liked the cassava cone, it was not that sweet unlike the usual waffle  cone.

We also took the time to see their souvenir shop, the Buzz Shop.
 The shop sells different native products. There are decorative and food items.

 And for sure, no guest would step out without buying even a single item. We have no plan of buying anything but we ended up purchasing a big Pesto spread and a small Mango spread. The Pesto spread was my husband’s choice while the Mango was my daughter’s. There were also other flavors like Malunggay, Honey and Coco. The big container is Php 260 while the small one was Php 180. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to buy, they have a free taste for each flavor. We also bought a camote bread to taste their bakery products and I didn’t regret it though I like the squash bread more. This was the bread used for the spread free-taste. I really wish I have a bigger budget so I could buy a bottle of wild honey. Or if better they have a cheaper price for local guests ^__^.

Bohol Bee Farm is accepting room reservations and currently they offer 25% discounts for June to October 2012 reservations.  They also provide pick-up from Tagbilaran airport and seaport to the place. There are amenities like the lounge which is only available to check-in guests.

We will have another visit to Bohol Bee Farm for sure since we were not able to really see the entire place. I was not even able to see a single bee, sigh! But next time, we will be early to make sure we can avail the tour and I will save some money to try the food in their restaurants.  But despite of very little time we spent there, I enjoyed our trip.

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  2. love to see pics of foreign (to me) places ….. after the long arduous drive, it looks like it was worth the trip…..happy blue monday to you ……

    1. Hi Liz,
      Hindi ko matandaan kung tinikman ko siya. Ang naiwan kasi sa alala ko ung lasa ng Honey spread at Mango 😀

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