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Christmas is almost here. Many organizations have started planning for one of the most important events in their companies, the annual Christmas party. When I was still working for a multinational information security company, Christmas party was the most extravagant event of the year especially with the business unit here in the Philippines. Almost all the directors and executives from different business units all over the world would come to the Philippines to celebrate with us.  The party was usually held in a bigger place outside the office. The annual presentation contest of different departments was the most anticipated part of the party where the creativity of the employees was displayed. The winning department would take home a substantial amount especially if the prize was doubled by the generous PH general manager.  When the party ends, each one would have something to bring home as Christmas gift aside from the Christmas basket. Some of the souvenirs I received were personalized planner, umbrella, teddy bear and ball pens.  Among these gifts, only the umbrella is no longer with me. But the rest are still with me. I keep them as memorabilia. Since I transferred to smaller company and now a full-time WAHM, I missed those promotional items given during Christmas parties.

I am thinking what would be the possible personalized items be given during the Christmas parties. My biggest bet is sports bottle because fun runs are very popular nowadays besides the awareness of drinking plenty of water has increased. 

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  1. when i was working in a public school before as a substitute teacher, I was also given a chance to receive promotional gifts. Even if i only stayed there for a month, i’m still lucky enough. 🙂

    ~visit from BCB. 🙂

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