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Yesterday, I met my father’s doctor minus my father. He was also experiencing LBM and was afraid to travel from Bulacan to Quezon City. Since the doctor needs to change his medicine, I need to see her for the new prescriptions. After getting the prescriptions, I bought the medicines from a nearby drugstore.  The total amount of the medicines were more than our one week household allowance.  I was not even able to buy him a new pen of Lantus, because the money I have on my purse was not enough to purchase the insulin.  The insulin has to wait until my next paycheck arrives.

My pocket is already bleeding because of the cost of the medicines. But I can’t leave my parents in this time that they badly need help. Where is my heart if I do that. But it would be a different story if my parents have a health insurance even just a short term like short term health insurance NC. The insurance could shoulder the other medical expenses and it would be a lot easier for all of us, financially wise.

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3 thoughts on “Follow-up Checkup

  1. I understand what you mean medicine can be costly. That is why there is medical insurance now but easy to say as we don’t even have medical insurance just life insurance.

  2. Mahirap talaga pag may diabetes =( i feel you.. My late stepfather was a diabetic too. Iba rin talaga pag may health insurance, uso din kasi dito yun, unlike sa tin.

    I hope you father gets well.

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