Got A New Hair Cut

  • Sumo

I decided to have my hair trimmed short after several years of wearing it long. If I remember it correctly, the last time I had a short hair was few months after I gave birth to my eldest. Now I decided to have it short again five months after I gave birth to my second daughter.

I have several reasons why I decided to have it trimmed but I will only share two. First is because of hair fall. Hair fall started again several months after I gave birth. I thought it will finally be over but I was wrong. So instead of adding dirt to our house with hair strands, it would be better to have it short.

Second reason is convenience. I am a mother of two so needless to say, my plate is full of tasks. Full enough to occupy my day from the time I wake up in the morning until I lie down my back on bed at night. I don’t want my hair to be an added task.

Now that I have a short hair, I don’t need so much time to comb it and fix it. It is now a wash-and-go hair.

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