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Graduating From Co-Sleeping?

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Remember my post about my daughter falling out of bed because I started practicing her sleeping alone on her bed? I mentioned in that post that I stopped it because she always fell from her bed. Anyway, she would not sleep beside me forever so I might as well cherish the moments of her sleeping with me.

Recently, I really had a trouble keeping the little one sleep continuously at night because she easily awaken by so little noise. Add to that is her Ate’s shouts while sleeping. This has become my problem every night since sleep talking is normal at her age.

When Big Daughter initiated the idea of sleeping on the other room alone, you could not imagine how happy I was. But the problem is,  she does not want to sleep with just the mattress on the floor. She wanted the bed to be transferred to another room.  I was afraid that she would fall again while sleeping. But I gave in anyway to try if she could really sleep alone in the room.

Last Saturday, with the help of our housemate, we cleaned the small room adjacent to mine and hubby’s  room. The room is actually unfinished. The cabinet does not have doors and paint. But good enough to be called room. I covered the opened cabinet with curtain so she can use it for her clothes. I used the other pair of the curtain for the window. We also transferred the single bed for her. And since last Saturday, she has been sleeping by herself on the other room, ALONE. I still hear her talk and shout while sleeping but she has never transferred yet to our room in the middle of night.  Good sign, right?

Yesterday, while she was in school, I brought out her stuffed toys from the box (they remained in the box since the time we arrived here in Bohol) and arranged them on one side of  her bed. When she arrived she thanked me for bringing out the toys. We agreed that she can play the toys as long as before she leaves for school, the toys are properly arranged. This morning when I checked her room, the toys were kept on one side of the bed. Good start, I guess.

After five years of co-sleeping with us, will this really be a graduation for my daughter? I really hope but it is too early to tell. Let us see in the next couple of weeks. She might still change her mind and choose to sleep with us again after one or two weeks. You know kids, they are just excited at first but when their excitement dies, they tend to return to their old habit 🙂


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36 thoughts on “Graduating From Co-Sleeping?

  1. Good for you. We are also planning to separate our son’s bed at an earlier age. Maybe next year when he was already 3.

  2. oh, I’m sure she would still want to sleep beside you… and I think you’ll also miss having her in your room… that’s the exact feeling that I have with my youngest daughter 🙂

  3. I remember that when I was a kid I loved the idea of having my own room but I never really slept in my own room. I slept in my parents’ room. Must be the reason why I am an only child. 😀

  4. Hi Mylene!

    Just this week my 4-year old son asks if he can have a new bed for himself. And my husband and I are more than glad to accommodate his request because I’ll be giving birth to a baby girl this December! I think the timing is just perfect. 🙂

  5. Great step to independence for your big girl. We want our kids to graduate from co-sleeping also. Though they have their own bed, they still share a room with us. We’re now trying to figure out how to divide our second floor into two rooms so the kids can finally have their own room.

  6. my eldest is already 5 but i don’t want her to have her own room yet. parang ako yung magkakaron ng separation anxiety. lol

  7. I think my 5-year-old daughter could sleep alone in her room already because she could sleep on the edge and not fall off. That reminds me that I need to fix her room. But, when I tell her that, she said she’s scared to be alone.

  8. my eldest is already 9, he has his own room. at times he would sleep in his room but lately he came back sleeping with us. Same with you, I’m cherishing the short days/weeks that he still wants to sleep with me… because I know he’d want to be independent and out of our sights when he gets older..

  9. thats amazing to hear, by that she will learn how to play toys and keep them away afterwards, and make up her bed before going to school! “,

  10. The request came from her, so that is a good sign. 🙂 Yeah, it’s exciting to witness this development in our children. And she’s starting to be independent at a very young age. You’re doing good! 🙂

  11. Wow! Brave kid you got in there…!
    I have a little girl too, she’s turning 3 this Nov but she never really slept on our bed except when she was still a baby. She’s used to sleeping in her crib, then when she turned 2 we got her her own matress… Now I’m starting to wonder if it’ll be okay with her to move to her own room by the time she’s 5 or 6.

  12. Congratulations mommy :)your daughter’s a big girl now. I wouldn’t mind if my boys sleep by my side even if they’re already teenagers. But well, maybe that’s impossible coz for sure they’ll demand for their own bed or own room.

  13. Oh my! *teary eyed. I have my 3 year old daughter. She had a playhouse tent in our room, sometimes she went to sleep over at her tent, but the problem is just me. It’s like having a separation anxiety, every minutes I always checked her if she’s okay or sometimes I am calling her name and asking what is she doing. Her dad was just laughing at me. But It is also good to be independent. Good luck to your daughter. I’m sure she will strive it.

  14. She’s really a big girl now, huh? Although Henry sometimes ask to sleep at his Lola’s room, I still cannot imagine not co-sleeping. He’s almost 5 now and I think I’ll feel sad once he starts asking for his own bed.

  15. At last you’ve made your daughter sleep independently and you’ve been freed from sleeping with her for several years. I was thinking how old is your daughter? I have not read your previous post about her.

  16. My 5-year old daughter out of the blue asked me if we can transform the playroom to be her own bedroom. It was funny because when she was born we had that designed to be her own room. I guess it only comes to show that when they are ready, you will know. 🙂

  17. How old is your big daughter? The only time i had my own room i was already in high school. Until gradeschool I shared a room with either my aunt, or our kasambahay. But even then I would spend some nights on my own and I loved the freedom, haha! 🙂

  18. Si ate Julia, ever since we arrived here in UAE, she’s been sleeping with Lily (my youngest). Before tabi kami matulog. But this past few days, gumigising siya ang tumatabi sa akin. Hehehe! We’re just in the same room ha. Nasa lapag lang sila magkapatid kasi malikot si Lily matulog baka mahulog. I guess you’re right, once nawala na yung excitement babalik ulit sila sa dati. Visiting from CommEx 10/30.

  19. That is nice. This will also give her an early sense of responsibility to make her room clean and organize. We are co-sleeping for more than two years now. Hope to wean our son soon but still I have afraid to leave him sleeping alone.

  20. I remember my son also fell a lot of times when he was a little kid (now 16), fortunately, he went through this without any bad effects. These days when a baby falls, usually they are sent for CT Scan.
    Graduating from co-sleeping really depends on the family situation. If we have little time with the kid, we prefer the child to co-sleep with us.

  21. That is so sweet of your daughter, though I kinda laughed when I read that your daughter talks in her sleep – she and I are the same. My children would have funny and embarrassing stories about me talking in my sleep. They even told me that just for fun, they answer me too and hilariously, I would answer back.

    You did a great job on your daughter there. I wish I had the same patience as you do. I really need God’s grace when it comes to parenting. 🙂

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