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Below are some of the healthy life style tips/cure I learned from one of the sessions in the recently held Bible Conference in Gospel Light Baptist Church.

  • Insomnia – According to Pastor Solapas, insomnia is caused by insufficient Iron in the body. His suggestion is to take a steam bath twice to thrice a week and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables which source of natural Iron.
  • Migraine – Fruit juices and abstinence from meat will eventually heal the stubborn pain.
  • It is not  healthy to take a bath after eating because our body is hot due to the distribution of nutrients and minerals.
  • Drinking of water should be before eating or after one hour of eating. It is not also advisable to take so much water before sleeping.
  • Insufficient sleep causes obesity.
  • Varicose veins and other muscle pains can be treated with ginger.
  • Onions and garlic can cure several diseases. Daily take of garlic can improve hypertension

That’s all for now. But will I share more when I see my notes.

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