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Hubby Is Away

  • Sumo

Hubby is in Panglao, Bohol. He supposed to leave last Friday but because of a silly mistake, his flight pursued last Saturday. He will be back on December 11.

Hubby is in Panglao not on a vacation though but I’m sure his life there is more than a vacation. He is there in preparation of our relocation early next year. Part of his goal is to check the internet connection we can avail for my work. If SmartBro caters service on the place, then I’ll just transfer my current account. But if there is none, he needs to look for the most reliable and efficient internet connection service provider ahead. So when my when my daughter and I join him next year, my connection will no longer be a problem.

Hubby brought with him our one and only camera. So for a month, I won’t have new photos to share. I will just probably dig my repository if I still have some photos which I can use for the memes I usually join.

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