I Just Joined Link From Blog – Please Read!

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Well, although my site has no page rank yet, I still register in different paid post companies. This is in preparation for Google’s next execution of their ranking algorithm. I hope that by that time, Google will be generous to me by giving me at least a page rank of 1 ๐Ÿ˜€

Just few minutes ago, I visited Rose’s Etcetera Etcetera. She made a post about her payment from Link From Blog. I decided to register because the registration is free anyway.

I will still try this new company, I don’t know yet if this is good or not. I But I hope, like Rose, I will also be givensponsored reviewsopportunities that will allow me earn extra income.

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1 thought on “I Just Joined Link From Blog – Please Read!

  1. Hi Mylene. I saw your new post from the subscription email that I received today. Pareho tayo yung PR1 ko basta na lang nawala and I have no idea how to regain that. anyway, i got interested in joining link from blog too. i just signed in and might post an entry about it. meron na akong nasalihan ibang paying sites kaso mga five na opps pa lang narereceive ko so far at di gaano malaki ang payment any nagsisimula pa lang naman tayo. sana maganda rin itong link from blog, ano. I admire Rose and John sa sobrang sipag nila na magsulat ng mga opps. idol ko na nga ang dalawang ‘yon eh.

    nga pala thanks ulit for sharing your time to read my long post about AIDS. I appreciate it really. Balik ako ulit to read your other posts medyo busy ako ngayon may tinatrascribe ako at bukas na ang deadline ko waaah.

    May the Good Lord continue to bless and keep our families safe and the families of our blogging friends and their respective families as well. Have a nice day! Kisses and hugs to Ska. ๐Ÿ™‚

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