Infected With Sore Eyes

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There is something wrong with my eyes, particularly with my left eye. It started last Friday. When I woke up that day, my left eye was full of rheum and felt heavy. It was also reddish so I immediately concluded that I have a conjunctivitis, most commonly known as sore eyes. I also noticed that my left eye seemed teary. I applied few drops of anti-redness eye drop to lessen the redness. I though it was already gone last Sunday my left eye was no longer reddish. And though, the heaviness was still there, the water-like discharge was lessened. But yesterday, when I was doing my readings about JAVA, my eyes seemed blurred and heavy again. I could not even stare on my monitor for long because it seemed so blurred.

When I got home, I continued my work. It was also in my plan to complete my other online assignments. But good thing, I was not in the mood to write, otherwise, my effort would just be put to waste. Why? Because I misread my assignment about hand dryers to hair dryers. I already started composing the article about hair dyers when I realized upon reviewing the requirements that I should be writing about hand dryers. So I just decided to stop and just let my eyes rest.

My sore eyes is very untimely because I need to read and study so many things on the coming days. I can’t focus so much on my readings because of the heaviness I feel on my left eye, add to that,  the water-like discharges that keep on coming out from my eye.

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