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Lousy Cashier

  • Sumo

After my daughter had her vaccine yesterday, we headed to Greenwich for the promised pizza. Since Greenwich is near a grocery store, I decided to buy some of our urgent kitchen needs. I could not do a complete grocery shopping because we only travel using a motorbike and it would be difficult to carry that much. Our basket didn’t even get full.

We were already in hurry because it was already late and I still have tasks to complete. Since we only have one basket, we lined up on the supposed to be an express lane. But to my dismay, the line moved like a snail while the other line was fast moving. I wonder what was the cause of the slowdown in our line since all those that were ahead of me only have few items on their baskets and the assigned cashier was also using a laser barcode scanner just like the other cashiers. When it was my turn, I noticed that the assigned cashier on our line kept on talking to other personnel. Hence, she kept on committing mistakes and kept on calling and waiting for the supervisor to correct the wrong punch.

When she finished punching all my grocery items, I was the one who bagged the items while waiting for her bagger finished putting the eggs that we bought into a box. When Hubby tried to stop me, I uttered “so slow”. I wanted her to realize that she wasted so much of my time and I could not afford to waste more.

Here in Bohol, I seldom met personnel who were customer and service oriented. Most of the personnel I have encountered with were either frowning {that I am intimidated to inquire} or busy chatting with other staff {that I am embarrassed to disturb them}. I really wonder if they were given proper training and orientation when dealing with customers or clients.

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