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Meet Hubby’s Little Helper

  • Sumo

I was scanning our photo folder for my tomato plants photso when I saw these set of photos in one of the subfolders. Meet Hubby’s little helper. Whoa! This is child labor!!! Hmm… but I think the laborer is more than willing. What do you think?

Husband's Little Helper

She is our little janitress helper. Don’t place any piece of cloth which can be used for wiping near her because the next thing you’ll see is she wiping all the things that she can wipe including the floor, chairs, toys and her face in that order hehehe… You will also see her scattering sweeping the  dry leaves on the ground. What I like most  with this little helper is,  after she plays she knows how to return her toys back to the basket when ask to do so.  Early signs of being helpful? I agree! I just hope that it continues in her as she grows up.


7 thoughts on “Meet Hubby’s Little Helper

  1. Hahaha so adorable!! That’s what Yuri does, too. Kulang walang punas, yung kamay ang ipampupunas para hindi “dah-ty.” Kids really do follow what they observe!

  2. So cute. Our little Matt is also the same with yours. He used to make “pakialam” when I was fixing something. This is good for kids to expose them in such things. it help develop their mental abilities.

  3. So cute. Kids are always willing to help and I hope they will as they grow older. Our son is like that also and most of the times he want to do things on his own even if he cannot do it alone. Hehe…

  4. adorable! with the right exposure, kids will really imitate those around them. this is also my fervent prayer to my nephews and niece: to pick up all the goodness they see in their environment. and constant guidance from the adults is vital to help them be a better person 🙂

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