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Misconceptions About Steel Buildings

  • Sumo

Steel buildings may not be common here in the Philippines but there are areas which use this kind of building. Could you guess where? In Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA). This is where I first saw these kinds of buildings. At first, I thought these steel buildings served as warehouses only. But when I was assigned to do a client-visit which was in one of PEZA’s in Cavite, I discovered that they were not only warehouses. They were actually office buildings and the proof was the building I visited.  Another misconception I made was the idea that it was very hot inside since the building was made of steel which is a good conductor of heat. The office I visited was very cold that I had to bring a jacket the next time I was assigned to go there.

It was more than a decade and a half since I had the chance to enter a steel building. I was still an intern then. Now I miss doing client-visits.

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