[More Updates]My Epson L200 All-In-One Printer Is Not Working Again

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As promised, I’ll let you know the what will happen today.

Ms. Deejay got Mr. Sam’s number. I called up Mr. Sam. Unfortunately, he could not remember that he granted a warranty extension. I could not insist on that because what will happen will be his word against mine. My mistake is I didn’t get a proof of our conversation months ago. Besides according to him, even if he said that, the six months extension had lapsed already. He has a point. The six months just lapsed few days ago 🙁 What he can do is to let the Cebu service provider fix the main board if it is really the problem. Since the unit has no more warranty, it is already my responsibility to bring the unit to their accredited service center.

I consider it a blessing that the supplier agreed to ship my unit with the other units to be ClearPores sent to Cebu for repair. I’ll just shoulder the shipping fee. I think this is more practical than bringing the unit myself to Cebu.

Well, replacement is already out of the options. I think I should start preparing myself to accept that the L200 All-In-One printer’s life will about to end. It will already be a bonus if the printer will serve us for another year. This is the only life span God has given the printer to be with us.

In times like this, I believed that there should be a lesson to remember. For this event, I should stop buying Epson electronic equipments that are too expensive however economically they appear for long-time use. So when the equipment suddenly breaks down, I won’t have any regret of investing too much on it.

Do you have any expensive equipment which easily gave up or suddenly damaged? How did you feel?

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18 thoughts on “[More Updates]My Epson L200 All-In-One Printer Is Not Working Again

  1. really feel cheated when suddenly a piece of equipment or gadget suddenly stop working, most especially when the warranty just finish. They don’t make quality products anymore like they use to.. This happened to our rice cooker good thing it was less than Php 1000 if i remember correctly

  2. My canon printer at the office is not working too. Thanks for this warning. we are planning to have this type of printer too. This gives me a second thought if I will go with Epson too.

  3. I got an Epson L800 a few months ago. It’s a very big investment for home use ha. Hopefully it does not conk out on me in a year. So far so good. Even my experience with Epson support was positive. Their email support answered in less than 24 hours and when I called them for help it went generally well. Hopefully you find a good resolution for you continuing L200 woes.

    1. Alam mo that is weird. This isn’t the first time that I submitted a ticket using their support page, but even with my previous problem, I didn’t get any response. Probably, next time I’ll change my approach 🙂

      Thanks for sharing this. At least now I know that they respond.

  4. My Epson was working fine for a long time. The problem was they had changes their models and eventually, there were no inks available. I thought, it must not be so good to invest in printers. If they still function for a longer time, the problem is ink.

    1. Hmm pwede pala un, ung ink ung maphased-out? Ngayon ko lang po yun nalaman since yung dating printer po namin is HP and until now, its ink is still in the market. I agree that it seems not wise to invest on expensive printers. And habol ko po kasi sana is yung continuous ink tas mura yung mga refills tas original pa. For church use po kasi kaya need namin yung medyo hindi madaling maubos ang ink at medyo economical din.

  5. I think canon would be your best bet because u can have it converted with those refillable ink. I also have an hp which is like five years na ata but the ink is mahal that is why I use the canon more. halos disposable na ata ang mga printers ngayon. one dealer admitted it din na lifespan nila is usually 2 years lang

  6. Natawa ako sa post mo sis. Not working, then working and then back to not working 🙁 That’s too bad. Well, I hope that things will work out fine quickly with this issue of yours.

  7. It really pisses me off it an equipment that I usually use breakdown as in sayang kasi pinambili.. That’s sad to hear, I think you better save up and get another printer.. That reminds me wala pala ako printer sa bahay hehehe

    1. I also have a low-cost HP printer at home. My old one served us for more than 6 years. I bought a new one last February.

    1. I haven’t tried Canon yet. I’ve been an HP-printer user. It was my first time to buy from another manufacturer and for that price 🙁

  8. Well, my pc at home broken, I feel bad but it will be repaired or can be replaced. It is not like life that we cannot take back so I know we can have it repaired in time or if not, buy a new one if we can afford to.

    1. I agree! Material things can be replaced or repaired, unlike life! I just really felt sad that the product was not worthy my money.

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