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Most Homes Have Cooling Appliances

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Most, if not all, homes here in Philippines have cooling appliances like air conditions and electric fans rather than heater. This is because our country is a tropical country and is most of the time hot and humid. In other countries with four seasons, houses usually have both cooling appliances and heaters.

Fireplace is also a common scene in most homes in non-tropical countries. But here in Philippines, having a fireplace is a luxury and only few might have it at home. As a matter of fact, I had never seen a house with a fireplace except the one I visited in Baguio. Baguio and other areas in high altitudes are the only places which experience colder temperature and where fireplaces are appropriate.

Some wealthy families who live in mansions and big villas might also have their fireplace at home. But not for the heat it gives because they surely have more than enough, but for aesthetic reason.   Who wouldn’t have it anyway if money is not a problem and there is enough space in the house to accommodate it? I think it is really cool to have one at t home. And if I was rich and our house has a patio or a spacious backyard, I would even set up an outdoor fireplace. I would be sitting around that fireplace every night while looking at the sky and chatting with my husband and daughter, just like what I usually see in foreign movies.

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