My Digital Camera Was Broken

  • Sumo

My three-year old digital camera already gave up. It is only an IXUS i5 and I obtained as a replacement of my defective IXUS 2 which I bought when I was still single. I discovered that my camera cannot  already be used  when I tried to capture my daughter’s photo while playing with bubbles two days ago. Only bright white image appears on the LCD of the camera after the shot. I’ve tried several times using different settings but the result is the same. I tried to use the camera inside our house, it can still capture an image but the image has horizontal line effect.

I sensed that my digital camera will about to give up when we used it during our church anniversary. We were not able to use it so much because of the horizontal line appearing on the captures. And now, it finally said  goodbye. This is very untimely because we don’t have an extra budget to buy a new one. This will make my blog more boring hahaha…

Indeed, the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord. He will surely replace it with a better one in His own time.

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