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Night Sky Watching

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One thing that fascinates me is the beauty of the moon phases. I love to see the changes in the moon’s shape every night as the phase changes from New Moon to Last Quarter. I also love watching the star formations or commonly known as constellations. For me, they are free means to relax. I just need to go out from the house to see them. Although, I am very much contented staring on these rulers of the night using my bare eyes, I also wish sometimes I have a binocular which will allow me to me see them a little bigger. But this will just be an added bonus 😉

The beauty of the night sky also reminds me of God’s greatness and might. These are all His creations. He created them to rule the night and adorn the dark sky. He also holds them and keeps them in their positions to prevent from colliding with each other.

Do you also love watching the night sky? What comes into your mind when you see the moon and the skies?

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3 thoughts on “Night Sky Watching

  1. It’s been awhile =) I used to love watching the night sky, usually stargazing with friends.. that was before nung active pa ang nighlife ko.. ngayon once in awhile na lang, pag maganda ang moon, labas ako with lil girl..

    Happy weekend

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