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Panglao Beach Resorts

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Panglao Bohol is an island surrounded by white fine sands. No wonder the main business attraction here are beach resorts, making the most of the natural beauty of the sea. Everywhere you go here in Panglao, there is definitely a beach resort. But most of the beach resorts are location in Tawala best known as Alona. But there are some areas which offer cheaper prices like the beach resorts in Libaong.

I am planning to host a directory of all the beach resorts here in Panglao. If given the time, I am planning to roam around the island and gather all the beach resorts’ information and put it in one site. This is to help the local and foreign tourist compare the prices and services of the each beach resort and avail of the best deal that suits their budget and preferences. I’ll probably start this project after I gave birth 🙂


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