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People And What They Wear

  • Sumo

Working in a huge building with several floors and several companies, you’ll come across different types of people. Being an observant as I am, I sometimes tend to think what nature of business a person is working depending on what his wearing. For those who are working in banks and other companies that have uniform, it will be easy for you to know where and what the nature of business they are working for. For some reasons, you can also distinguish those that are working as sales or marketing person If they are wearing heavy make-up, classy dresses (most of the time), super nice bags. Then there’s the person from call centers and IT industry. They does have similarities in their fashion sense, they both tend to wear the likes of big brother t-shirts, which exudes a laid back attitude. For call center agents, they tend to wear it in a more trendy approach, such as trendy jackets, hair, shoes and jeans. For those IT professionals, they tend to wear it simpler, no make-up plus ordinary pair of jeans and shoes.

All those that I have said are just based on my observations and I don’t intend to offend anyone. Being an IT professional myself, I have experienced comments like ‘Why are those IT professionals don’t know how to put some make up? Or ”IT people seem to not care of what other people say about what they are wearing”. At first I thought, I am not one those typical IT professionals, but now that I have grown in this industry, I can say that I would prefer to wear those big brother big sister shirt than go around the mall and look for more trendy, sexy blouses. And for me, the likes of big brother shirts will forever be trendy 🙂


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  1. hahaha! D they say YOU are what you wear. in my case, I wear blazer and slacks to work and white shirt and old PJ’s at home, lol! 😀

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