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As you know my family lives within the church compound for more than a year now. Before, there were other families who also lived inside the church compound. But at the start of this year, the other dwellers left us and moved out to their own place.

Since we are only the one living in the church, we could now properly monitor the use of electricity and water. The church’s electric bill is the biggest payable bill of the church every month since we arrived here. To lessen the bill, Hubby replaced all the high-wattage light bulbs with smaller wattage. He also made sure that all the circuits are not shorted. We also made sure that all appliances and lights which are not being used are always turned-off. Since he was replacing the lights, he already included the broken switch covers in the replacement.

For the last two months there were a significant drop on our electric bill and our pastor was happy with the result. But I doubt if we could maintain the same rate for this month since our air-condition is often in use recently due to the very hot weather.

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