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Setting-Up My Development Machine

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Yes, as usual, I am still awake at this wee hour of the day. I want to finish the installation and configuration of my new machine which t I will use for my development tasks. I was able to re-partition the disk a while ago but it was not a hassle free process. After deleting all the partitions and created two partitions, i tried to install the win 7 pro edition given to me by my boss for home use. But during the installation, lappy unexpectedly reboot. The installation probably didn’t finish properly so it caused a reboot loop. But good thing, before I touch anything, I created a system recovery disks. I already anticipated that I may encounter a problem with the installation. After several reboot, I decided to restore the Win 7 Home Edition that comes with my laptop through the system recovery system.

Now, I am trying to install the tools that I need for development such as MS SQL 2008 and Visual Studio. These two are the most important tools that I need. If these tools will run on Win 7 Home Edition Premium, then, there is no need for me to upgrade my OS Win 7 Pro. I’ll just use the free license on my old desktop which badly needs re-installation and re-configuration. I’m hoping and praying that I’ll be able to configure this machine before Monday so I can also start reconfiguring my desktop.

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4 thoughts on “Setting-Up My Development Machine

  1. How envious!I’m no techie kasi–palagi na lang ako naka depend sa asawa ko when it comes to pc.

    Thank you very much for dropping by,Mommy Mylene!Have a nice week ahead!And oh,Belated Happy Mother’s Day!Hope you had a great one!^_^

    1. Happpy mother’s day din mommy! Minsan okay din na walang alam sa mga techie na bagay at least me excuse. Kung alam mo lang, ang mga buhok ko ay nauubos kakasabunot kapag mayroong mga bagay na hindi ko magawa. 😀

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