Should I Start Collecting Stamps Again?

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It took so many months before the Philippine Post Office re-open a branch here in Panglao. But I’m glad they did before I gave birth because I was able to claim my SSS Maternity Benefit cheque faster than I expected. Same with the package sent to me by my friend in Manila, I was also able to claim it faster than I thought. But since the municipality has no mailman for several months, the file of the mails to be delivered is quite high. So when the mails sent by the different missionaries, both foreign and local, to our church were finally delivered, they were already thick.

I scanned the envelopes of the mail to check if there is any urgent mail for our pastor. As I scanned I admire the different post stamps used in the letter envelopes. I started recollecting my memory of my post stamps collection when I was in high school.  And the urge to start collecting stamps again is a bit strong.

I was fond of collecting small things when I was younger just like the stamps. Aside from the stamps, I also have a collections of bookmarks, stationary, key chains, currencies and coins before. I even bought the old currencies I found in my father’s wallet but not for too much because I don’t have the money. And I would probably do the same for a military challenge coin if ever I found one before. But sad to say, I could no longer locate where are collections now. I probably lost them in one of our house-transfer.

I am thinking of collecting post cards in preparation for my daughter’s social studies subject. But come to think of it, stamps are less expensive, right? So d0 you think  I start should start collecting stamps again?

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27 thoughts on “Should I Start Collecting Stamps Again?

  1. If you have time and resources, why not. You’d better starting collecting again because stamps are rarely seen now, who knows you might end up with some rare collections in the future.

  2. i was never fond of collecting something. maybe because i’m not organized with my things and it might end up as a clutter to me.
    gogogo! start collecting again!

  3. Interesting! Go for it if that will make you feel really happy I think it’s a good hobby and somehow could soon to be an investment too anyhow snail mail is no longer popular because of new tech! -.-

  4. Go for it if it brings you joy! I used to have a stamp collection back in my elementary days. I submitted them as a school project but our teacher never returned them after grading them.@-@

  5. A friend of mine is selling me some stamps, although I do not have a collection of my own. But, I am considering? Hmmm.. He is only selling 150 stamps, some dating back to 1940, for 200 pesos only.. Hmmm.. Still thinking about it though

  6. Relive your passion!! My mom also has a collection of stamps when she worked in Austria during the 80’s. It was nostalgic when I saw the whole album just recently. 🙂

  7. I think my old stamp collection is still around here somewhere. Since you work in a place that regularly receives mail from all over the place then maybe you should go ahead and restart another stamp collection. That would be fun! 🙂

  8. I have my own stamp collections too during elementary days. But during high school, NBA cards is the in thing for the boys, so I shifted collection that time.

  9. Haha we all have our little collections. Instead of stamps, I’m thinking of collecting postcards. But I think it’s important for you to decide first why you want your collect it in the first place. Is it something to look at? For its value? etc., Then go from there.

    Good luck in your collection! 🙂

  10. I remember my sister’s collection of stamps. I’m just not sure if she still has it. They are nice to look at as well as educational. You can learn much from the photos on the stamp. They tell something about the culture or history of the country they came from.

    1. It looks like a paradise but in reality, it is not. Just like any places, it has its own problems that needs to be deal with like poverty and corruption.

  11. I am also into collecting some sort of things. I started collecting DVDs back then but when I started to learn downloading movies through limewire then frostwire, the collection now stopped. 🙂 About the stamp, if you still find it great, then why not. But my question is, could you still collect the same number of what you’ve collected before? Snail mail is not that popular nowadays, right? Just a though though. 🙂

    1. You are right! You give me a good insight. It is true that snail mail is not that popular nowadays.

  12. i think u should, collections makes us happy when were sad and it could give you a satisfaction only u can feel! 🙂
    just make sure to keep your stamps in a well dry place away from direct sunlight and avoid moisture by using moisture sucking bags hehe idk what theyre called, sorry bout that hee hee

  13. I also love to collect. It makes me happy. So do what you want and do what makes you happy. I think stamps are great for a collection )

  14. yes you should start collecting again. lol. because i am also starting to collect postcards. i think its cool. i have been collecting stamps way back also. i inherited some of those my grandfather collected. i also have coins. some of the coins we used for the aras for my wedding.

  15. I’d say go,go,go. 🙂 I don’t see any harm in doing so and, you are right, it won’t cost you that much and yet you’ll fulfill a part of your heart’s desire. Good luck on your collection! 😉

  16. Naku, I have a friend in the US who collect stamps. I think it’s really a nice thing to show off to your kids when they become older. These collectibles may be an investment in the future too. If you love it, do it sis 🙂

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