My Mentor

I never imagined myself earning from writing especially using a foreign language as medium of writing because I knew I have no talent in this field plus I am not eloquent in English. Those two factors are major requirements in writing. I was not familiar with blogging either during that time. It was just a myth for me four years…

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Motherhood, Womanhood

Babies Are God’s Priceless Gift To A Woman

I always feel delighted whenever I have friends sharing their joy with me about their pregnancy. For me, conceiving a baby is a priceless gift from God to a woman. And I feel ecstatic when I learned that the bundle of joy is not just one but two. Just like I felt when my officemate broke the news that she’s…

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Sarah’s Condition

I am bringing down the sticky post for Mommy Sarah of His Unfailing Love entitled Your Prayer is Mo$t Needed. I would like to extend my gratitude to those who prayed for her. May the Lord bless you for your kindness. As to Mommy Sarah’s condition, the last information I got was she no longer need an operation. Praise and…

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