All About Work


It’s already past midnight and I’m still here facing my computer. Well, I’ve been working late for several days now. I’ve started working longer hours since I returned to work after I gave birth. The reason for the extended working hour is too offset the time I am not working in the daytime because of the baby. Good thing, the…

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Homemaking, Womanhood

Furniture Preferences

When it comes to home furniture, I prefer the furniture made of wood or log than steel. It brings a more natural and relaxing feeling to the occupants. No wonder many beach resorts also opt for rustic furniture than modern furniture. It gives their guests the feeling of being close to nature. As of now, we don’t have any plan…

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Housekeeping, Womanhood

Bathroom Suites

This is a sponsored review. Aside from an elegant bedroom, I always fantasize to have a luxurious bathroom. I find the bathrooms and wash area in hotels very elegant. When I visit other homes, classy bathroom furniture will surely call my attention. I know that this fantasy will not materialize in then near future. We have other priorities when it…

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