All About Hubby


When it comes to personal belongings, Husband is very careful. Just like the guitar he bought last year, he always cleans and he does not want this guitar being bump anywhere. He even bought a stand to make sure that it has a proper storage.  Though he allows other members of the church borrow it, he always reminds them to…

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Opposite Poles

Hubby and I are in opposite poles when it comes to music. He is indeed my better-half in this area. He knows to play several instruments while I don’t know any. He can sing well while I’m always out of tune. But thank God, our eldest didn’t inherit my tone deafness. And because hubby can play musical instrument a bit…

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Day To Day Stories

My Husband’s Guitar

It has been a long time since my husband desired to have his own guitar. We bought one few years ago but he later realized the sound of the guitar is not good. When someone asked the guitar, he gave it wholeheartedly. His desire to have a good guitar intensifies when we transferred here in Bohol. The church here does…

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