Money Matters

Investing on Stocks

Thinking of investing in stocks? Tim sykes reviews different trade returns and other stuffs related to trading. Yes, there are many ways to invest your hard-earned money and if you have extra cash to spend and willing to take some risks, the stock investment is for you. Some people prefer to be safe though and put money in the bank…

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Buy Gold Online

Internet has brought us too far that even gold nowadays can be bought online. Oh yes, anyone can buy gold online now! So those who invest on gold {I wish I also have the capital to engage in this kind of investment} can now buy gold in the convenience of their own homes. With internet, almost all kinds of online…

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All About Work

Looking For Pinoy Waffle Franchise Buyer

Now that I remember that I still have a franchise of Pinoy Waffle, I’ll start to look for a buyer. Like I said in my previous post, I will be selling it to a much cheaper price. If you have an access to a crowded locations like colleges, malls, grocery stores, terminals and the like, and you are interested to…

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Term Life Insurance

Last Thursday, before going home, I joined my two single officemates to scout for new mobile phones. They asked me come with them to help them choose the best cellphone (as if I’m good with cellphones ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). They told me that they plan to use their 13th-month pay on a new cellphone. Not bad, because they are single and…

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