Classes Here In Bohol Will Resume on November 5

Since the devastating M7.2 earthquake last Tuesday, October 15, classes here in Bohol have not resumed yet but not with my homeschooler to her dismay. We resumed last Monday. She actually complained why she has to work on her PACES while the others including the 7th graders who live with us are on vacation. I told her that I don’t…

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Bits & Pieces

A Quick Trip To Cortez After The M7.2 Earthquake

Notes: You may want to click the images for larger viewing. The photos were taken while back-riding on a motorcycle. I had the chance to visit Cortez Bohol last Saturday, that was 5 days after the M7.2 earthquake hit Bohol. That was my second time to leave Panglao after the earthquake, the first was last Friday when we had to…

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