Gibson Les Paul Junior

Have you seen the gibson les paul junior at Musicians friend. It is nice to look at. It is quite pricey so only a true-blooded guitarist can tell if the price wisconsin cash advance payday loans is reasonable. Unfortunately, that is not me 😀 I can only judge a musical instrument based on its outward appearance. But when it comes…

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Brands of Guitar

I never realized that there are several brands of guitars until I started receiving tasks which are related to guitars. I am only familiar with the local brands like Lumanog because I usually see it when I pass by musical instrument shops. This made my ignorance about music and instruments more obvious, isn’t?  Now I wonder what is the difference…

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Etc Etc

Not So Familiar Musical Instrument

Do you play any musical instrument? You are blessed if you do, don’t you think so?  Not all people have the skill and talent to play musical instruments and I that includes me. My skills do not extend to music. I can’t sing well and I can’t play musical instrument too. The only thing I can do is too appreciate…

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Guitar String

Husband’s guitar string was broken last Saturday during the practice of our song offering. Husband’s guitar is not that expensive but its sound is good enough for the church’s use. But since it lacked one string, Hubby has no choice but to use the organ for the accompaniment of our song offering. This music instrument is also no longer in…

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