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Bathroom Suites

This is a sponsored review. Aside from an elegant bedroom, I always fantasize to have a luxurious bathroom. I find the bathrooms and wash area in hotels very elegant. When I visit other homes, classy bathroom furniture will surely call my attention. I know that this fantasy will not materialize in then near future. We have other priorities when it…

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Blog Design

Free WordPress Themes

If you want a new look for your site and has no budget for a blog make-over, then why don’t you try to visit It contains thousands of wordpress templates for free from different designers. You can search for a particular template by theme specifications, theme colors or most popular keyword search. I am confident that you can find…

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Family Matters, Motherhood, Technology

Blanketless Sleeper

I don’t know what’s with a blanket but as soon as I put it on my daughter, she immediately kicks it away. She never sleeps with a blanket. How cold it may be for me and my husband, for her, it is still warm. And though the a/c is already on, ( but the temperature is not that low) she…

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Anything Under The Sun

Go Green

Nowadays, Green is getting common everywhere. This color of life is associated with anything that is environmentally friendly. Both government and non-government organizations are conducting their studies on how to protect and preserve our Mother Earth. They provide means and ways to involve an ordinary person in protecting our planet. And it is not surprising that even online distributors and…

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Comfy Clothes

I am fond of wearing tee shirts. Most of the time, you will see me just on shirt and skirt or below-the-knee shorts. I only wear blouses during Sundays and other special events. Before, when I was not yet this BIG, I usually wear dresses. But now, I am no longer comfortable with dresses. I am tired of people asking…

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