Bits & Pieces

Small Flower Penhaligon

Have you tried penhaligon’s brand smallflower ? Well I haven’t. If you are like me who is not that familiar with perfume, you probably don’t know that penhaligon is a brand of a perfume. Yes, it is a London perfume.  I will not be able to try it unless someone gives me one because I don’t usually buy a perfume…

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Husband’s Perfume

Between me and Husband, Husband is more likely to wear a perfume before leaving the house. He is fond of perfumes and colognes though he always says that those who use perfumes are the ones who smell bad. And my usual answer is “So you probably smell so bad all time, huh!” He would just smile sheepishly and would claim…

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All About Work

Stressful Week

It has been a stressful week for me because of the sites which were hacked during the times that I was in the hospital. But I am so glad that finally, this site is now up in clean new installation of WordPress. My other two sites were also hacked and only the Rabago Family’s Escapades was successfully cleaned last night.…

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