TV Table Was Provided

  • Sumo

If I am not mistaken, I’ve already mentioned that when we relocated here in BOHOL, we brought with us almost all of our belongings and appliances from washing machine, refrigerator, computer, television to the smallest toy of my daughter. The only  few things we disposed were those that were very heavy like the custom-built cabinet cum TV table and our sprint-type mattress. But the rest, we were able to include them in the Less Container shipping.

It took us weeks before we were able to unload everything. The last thing that was setup was our TV. If not only for my daughter who always asks for it, it will still be probably inside the box until now. We were actually thinking were we would place it since we don’t have a tv table. We were thinking of buying a tv bracket so we can mount the tv on the wall to prevent my daughter from “managing” it by herself. Blessing because we were given a not-so tall cabinet where we can temporary place the tv, but tall enough so my daughter can’t easily turn the tv off/on. I consider it a blessing because we really need to spending since we have no more fix income monthly.

Daughter can now watch her favorite Dora the Explorer after her morning routine while I work. Hubby also setup the antenna so we can watch the news.


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