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Water Please

  • Sumo

When we woke up this morning, there was no water coming out from our faucet. When I asked the house help of the landlord, they told me that even they have no water supply. I am not aware that there will a water supply interruption. But since we usually have an hour to two water supply interruption every day because of El Niño, we always stock up water. We have a large water container that we always fills.  It is always better to prepare than sorry. I just hope that before our reserved water is all used up, the water supply already returns.


2 thoughts on “Water Please

    1. Mahirap talaga. Mas gusto ko ng walang kuryente kaysa walang tubig. Pero kung pedeng parehong meron mas mabuti 🙂

      Sana nga, I am praying that God will send us rain. Lalo na yung mga lugar na kailangang madilig ang mga pananim.

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