Weight Loss Update

  • Sumo

I realized that losing weight is no joke at all. It has been two weeks since I started to reduce my rice intake  but until now I don’t still see any development.  My weight does not show decrease but at least it does not show any increase either, yey! My office mate told me that the effect of the weight loss diet will reflect on the third week, that is the earliest. How true?

I hope that I can already make it a habit to skip rice on dinner and eventually make it a lifestyle. I learned from one of my readings that as a person gets older,  his/her  body needs less food and more exercise to maintain a healthy body.  So I might as well, start it now.

I will wait until the third week and if there is still no improvement, I might just eat rice to my heart’s content! Getting impatient eh?!! Just kidding. I am thinking to try the banana diet – banana for breakfast, banana for lunch and banana for dinner. I try to be like  Boots the Monkey  for a while. What do you think? Will it be effective?


4 thoughts on “Weight Loss Update

  1. wow, this is good news, weight decrease, I will contemplate on this after my operation,
    Happy Valentine’s Day.

  2. My wife tried this and sadly she had the same effect (her weight didn’t decrease but didn’t increase either). But one tip that made an effect on her weight and body is to convince your love one (husband/wife) to join you.

    I decided to join her diet even if my diet is not weight-loss but to gain-weight by adding all her intakes to mine haha! but healthy food of course and we worked-out at the same time. While she is doing her taebo, I am weight-lifting. We both made time and we were happy doing this – AT HOME! While our son sometimes join me or her with the taebo. It was fun but you BOTH MUST have the will.

    It doesn’t just build your body healthier but even helps your relationship stronger. Hope this helps.

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