8 Things

  • Sumo

Thanks to Mommy Chris of The Mommy Journey for this tag.

8 Things I’m Looking Forward To
have our own house
see my little darling’s hair get long
buy an SLR camera
have more blogsphere friends
improve my page rank
release my current project
have a baby son
see my friend Paula again

8 Things I Did Yesterday
fixed dnn project issues
bathed my daughter
took a nap
blog hopped
posted potty-training update
searched dora award stickers and chart for potty training
posted comments
visited to my newly availed web hosting

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
I wish to travel to other countries with my husband and daughter
I wish I could earn extra income from blogging 😀
I wish I could change my husband to be sweeter and more caring one 😀
I wish I could lose weight in no time at all 😀
I wish I could I have some money for the perm hair removal 😀
I wish I could stop drinking coffee
I wish I could always have the time to blog and blog hop
I wish I could complete the 2 succeeding sections

8 Shows I Watch
Tayong Dalawa
(I don’t have much becauseI don’t often watch TV)

8 People I Tag
Pinay Mama

[Sorry it didn’t reach eight :(]

6 thoughts on “8 Things

  1. hello mommy, will do it tomorrow, it;s time for bed na kasi…thanks, though…

    have a nice day!

  2. ooops sorry it should be “how are u and ur little one?” without the “s” 🙂 sorry Mommy..thinking about it…well, u might have a little boy soon! 🙂

    again, take care! thanks for the visits and the nice comments 🙂

  3. hello hello mommy! thanks a lot for the tag! appreciate the thought! i’ll do it the soonest i can! 🙂

    how are u and ur little ones? take care mommy! have a great blessed day! 🙂

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