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[Back-To-School Project] Distribution of School Supplies

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Last Sunday was the graduation day of Vacation Bible Schoolers. It was also the set day for the distribution of School Supplies. It was a surprise for the kids.  The kids were excited to receive their certificates and their awards but little they know that aside from the certificates and rewards, they would also take home some school supplies. Nobody told them about the “School Supplies” even during the 3-day Vacation Bible School. It came as a surprise.

Going back earlier, We (the volunteers and I) prepared a total of 53 sets of school supplies

[Back-To-School Project] School Supplieswhich includes ball pens, pencil, sharpener, eraser, colors, notebook, glue stick and ruler.

School Supplies PackWe also prepared different set for the pre-schoolers which consist of an activity book and a color.I did the shopping of the school supplies week before the distribution.

Before we started the distribution, I told the parents and the children that the money which was used to buy the school supplies was from generous friends and acquaintances who shared their hard-earned money to help the kids with their school needs.

Since it was also a graduation, we encouraged the kids to bring their parents and to be in their best Sunday dress. Some parents came but most didn’t. So one of the VBS teachers proxy their parents. But I believed all the kids went home happy because not only they received their certificates and rewards, but also they brought home some things they need but don’t expect to receive and that was because of the generosity and kindness of those who support this endeavor.

[Back-To-School Project] School Supplies Recipients [Back-To-School Project] School Supplies Recipients  [Back-To-School Project] School Supplies Recipients[Back-To-School Project] School Supplies Recipients

My sincerest gratitude to those who helped me made these project possible. I hope that you will continue to help me on the coming years. Many thanks to the following donors and supporters. May the Lord repay you with your kindness.

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Stay At Home Blessings
Ms. Monica Muriel & Friends
Ms. Ginaly De Vera – Santos
Ms. Ruth M. Hansen
Ms. Gladys Llorente – Vibar
Mr. Richard Fernandez
Written by MysPen, Paper, Pan

All things are made possible through God’s guidance, intervention and grace. Nothing is accomplished, given and received without God’s help. Praise God for answered prayer and for using even those I don’t know personally to be a part of this project. May His name be glorified and praised through this endeavor.


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23 thoughts on “[Back-To-School Project] Distribution of School Supplies

  1. Awww, I got teary eyed! You really don’t have to mention me! Actually, it is me who need to thank you for doing this for the children. And thank you so much for the word of blessing. God bless you, too!

  2. This is really such a commendable project. Thank you so much for doing this, you and all your sponsors deserve a big virtual hug! May you continue to be blessed 🙂

  3. Wow…it’s so nice to see those smiles coming from their faces. All your efforts paid off, you truly made all the kids happy. Thanks also for allowing us to be a part of this activity in our own little way. Congrats Mylene! Well done.

  4. If you will be facing God, He would surely be smiling at you for this wonderful activity letting the children know about HIM. All praises back to God! I am delighted to know people like you! God bless!

  5. congratulations for a successful project. I’m sure these kids were very happy. and i’m sure you and your friends who volunteered were very happy, too. i wish to join next year. i missed this event. oh my!

  6. This is such a wonderful event, I’m sure they appreciate your effort to reached those people who helped you with this project. More power and blessings to come:)

  7. It sure is great to see the smiles on the kids’ faces. It is especially heartwarming to know that introducing them to Jesus would be life-changing.

  8. Wow. Just wow. I miss the feeling of volunteering. Where did you volunteered? I am actually looking for a group here in Pampanga where I can volunteer to events like that.

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