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11th Year and Counting

This month marks my eleventh year in the IT industry. I started working as a junior developer in a small software company in July 1999. I graduated May  of that same year. I only had  almost two-month rest from the stressful college life when I started facing a more stressful and pressured milestone of my life, and that was being…

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Jumbo Crayons

Even before my daughter started going to school, she’s already using big crayons. Because I was advised by a pre-school teacher that big crayons were good to use in training kids to properly grasp writing objects like pens and crayons. So I bought her her own set. These were the colors she used for her coloring books. But since she…

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The Return Of The Pimples

My pimples are like mushrooms. They just keep on popping up anytime, anywhere in my face. I thought I’d got rid of these pimples after my college days. But I am totally wrong because they are here again! Sigh! Aside from the irritable feeling they give me, they also leave nasty dark spots. And it takes so long before these…

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Vitamins for Pregnant Women

Folate and other prenatal vitamins play a vital role in the normal development of babies inside the womb. This is the reason why most OB-Gyne prescribe these vitamins to expecting women. Based on my experience, the kind of vitamins to be taken will depend on the age of the baby in the womb. I remember that the first prenatal vitamins…

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I was still single when I availed my life insurance. I was hesitant then because my income that time was really small and I was afraid that I won’t be able to finish paying the entire package and the money that I invested will just be wasted. I was convinced to get one because of my younger brother who happens…

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