Comfy Clothes

I am fond of wearing tee shirts. Most of the time, you will see me just on shirt and skirt or below-the-knee shorts. I only wear blouses during Sundays and other special events. Before, when I was not yet this BIG, I usually wear dresses. But now, I am no longer comfortable with dresses. I am tired of people asking…

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Unique Office Setup

During college days, we had an internship program in which the graduating students were deployed to real companies to work as real software developers. One of the things I really enjoyed during my internship was doing client visits because I had the chance to travel and meet real professionals. For a college student like me who had no experience in…

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Goodbye Pimples

I am happy that my pimples are now healed and new pimple is coming out. I am glad that these pimples are not stubborn and decided to leave my face alone, LOL! Probably, they realized that I don’t have a budget for any acne treatments right now. I only have to wait for the marks to finally disappear from my…

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My Favorite Korean Novela

I am not a TV nor a TV series addict. I can live without it! But there is one Korean novela which I am hooked right now. It is being shown on a local channel, ABC 5,  from Monday to  Friday at 12:30  in the afternoon. There is also an episode marathon every Saturday for two hours from 11 AM…

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Health, Womanhood

Discipline Is The Key to Weight Management

I am stout! It is a shameful fact but I have to admit it! I know the solution to manage my weight. The problem is my will and determination to do it. I know that without the help of proper diet and regular exercise, even most effective diet pill will just be put to waste. So the problem is not…

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