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My Favorite Korean Novela

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I am not a TV nor a TV series addict. I can live without it! But there is one Korean novela which I am hooked right now. It is being shown on a local channel, ABC 5,  from Monday to  Friday at 12:30  in the afternoon. There is also an episode marathon every Saturday for two hours from 11 AM to 1 PM. Do you already have an idea what Korean novela I am referring to? If you are not a patronizer of this channel, probably you have no idea. So I just have to squeal it because high chances is, you will not be able to guess it, LOL! Just like my officemate’s comment, I am the only one who watches this series and I am only the reason why it is still being aired. Well, without further delaying it, the series is First Wives Club.

The series is about three women whose husbands are having an affair with other women. Hence,  the title is First Wives Club. My husband was the one who discovered this series. He shared it with me and at first,  I was laughing at him because he watched this kind of drama. But since, he always updates me with the flow of the story, my curiosity arise. I watched it with him one time and the rest is history.

Until now, I am still watching it when I am at home. I take my lunch break during the air-time so I can watch it. I don’t want o miss an episode, but I have no choice when I am in the office. Even if I have a Slingbox, we do not have a television set in the office. It was broken when we transferred to our current office. Anyway, I can watch the recap during Saturdays, that is if I am not too busy with household chores 😉

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